Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a specialized area of accounting performed by experts to track the acquisition and disposition of cash and assets by individuals and businesses. Many times spouses in a divorce question whether the other party has fully and accurately disclosed information concerning family and business finances. Some forensic analysis requires the procurement and analysis of electronic data to reconstitute, detect, or sometimes to support claims of financial fraud or efforts to hide assets.

The lawyers of PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC often assist our clients with determining whether their interests are served by engaging forensic accountants to perform a forensic analysis tracing movement of funds and assets in and out of the marital estate. We are skilled in working with forensic accountants and presenting their opinions to judges, arbitrators, or mediators in support of our client’s claims.

Contact Us About Concerns Regarding Financial Fraud Or Hidden Assets

PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC, offers sophisticated legal counsel in assisting clients to engage forensic experts to perform analysis and ultimately testify with regard to claims of financial fraud or attempts to hide assets. The lawyers of PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC prosecuted claims in Connecticut seminal case concerning litigation misconduct. The Court characterized as herculean our efforts to discover financial misconduct and identify assets that had been wrongfully dissipated in violation of Connecticut’s automatic orders. Specifically, we are known for tenaciously representing our clients in pursuit of financial disclosure.

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