Establishing Temporary Orders During Divorce

During the pendency of an action for dissolution of marriage, either spouse may request from the court an award of temporary alimony and/or child support which is sometimes referred to as alimony or support pendente lite. At PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC, in Westport, our attorneys assist clients in securing these temporary orders.

The Purpose Of Temporary Orders

The function of temporary alimony and child support is to provide support for a spouse who the court determines requires financial assistance, and for any dependent children, until the court makes a final determination of the issues, and to ensure that immediate expenses and other pressing financial obligations are met. The court does not have the authority to consider the reason for the divorce or make property distributions prior to entering a decree dissolving the marriage.

The court may also enter an educational support order at the time of entry of a temporary order for support. The educational support order may include support for any necessary educational expense, including room, board, dues, tuition, fees, registration and application costs, but such expenses shall not be more than the amount charged by the University of Connecticut for a full-time in-state student at the time the child for whom educational support is being ordered matriculates, except this limit may be exceeded by agreement of the parents.

The court may also award temporary exclusive use of the family home or any other dwelling unit that is available for use as a temporary residence to either party as it deems to be fair without regard to the respective interests of the parties. Additionally, any family or household member who has been subjected to a continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury by another family or household member may apply to the Superior Court for an order of protection.

Temporary orders terminate with the issue of a final judgment in the dissolution of marriage. However, these orders may set a precedent, and may at times become the permanent order.

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