Modifying Family Law Orders

While family court orders are intended to be lasting, they are also based on the circumstances at the time of the case. Connecticut law recognizes that circumstances may change over time, and orders may need to be changed accordingly.

At PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC, our Westport divorce lawyers assist clients with modifications of family court orders such as those pertaining to child custody, child support and alimony. Our goal is to have orders updated to reflect current circumstances

Connecticut Child Custody And Support Modifications

Parents may seek modifications of child custody and visitation orders when there has been a significant change in circumstances from when the orders were created. This may involve a shift in a parent’s schedule due to a new job, for example. Modification will also be necessary in the event one of the parents wants to move to another city, state or country.

Parents may seek modifications of child support for similar reasons. For example, if one parent has experienced a significant decrease or increase in income, that may need to be reflected in child support payments. Further, changes to the child’s circumstances due to health or other issues may merit revisiting child support payments.

Alimony Modifications And Cohabitation

Connecticut family law explicitly allows the court to “terminate, suspend, or reduce alimony payments” upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. The court’s authority to modify alimony obligations includes circumstances when the spouse receiving support is cohabitating with another adult, unless an agreement precludes modification. Before the payment of alimony can be modified or terminated, the spouse paying support and requesting a modification must be able to demonstrate that the receiving spouse’s altered living arrangements have decreased his or her financial needs.

Generally, lump sum alimony and property distribution awards are final judgments which are not modifiable by the court even if there is a change in circumstances.

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