Rules Pertaining To Interstate And International Custody Matters

The relationship between parents and children do not always adhere to geographic borders. Parents often move, not just to another part of the same city, but to other states or other countries. The move can be motivated by job opportunities, family or simply the need for a fresh start. Regardless of the motivation, the moving parent may want to relocate with their child while the other parent remains in the same location. Such interstate and international move-aways can become highly contentious, and involve a variety of unique and complex laws, making the assistance of an experienced lawyer critical.

At PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC, in Westport, our attorneys guide our clients who are considering a move to another state or country and wish to bring their child with them. We can also protect the interests of parents who are concerned that their relationship with their child will be jeopardized when the other parent moves out of state or country.

Unique And Complex Move-Away Laws

When a parent wants to move to another state or country with their child, different laws come into play than those that dictate in-state child custody and visitation matters.

Relocation out of Connecticut to another state in the United States may call into play the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). Moves out of the country may require an understanding of and compliance with the terms of the Hague Convention. Attorneys at our firm have proven knowledge in both of these areas.

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