Support In All CT Family Law Matters

Connecticut family law matters are complicated by their impact on the very core of clients’ personal lives. PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC’s attorneys recognize the distress that many clients experience when contending with divorce and other family law cases.

During all stages of our representation, including our initial consultation, we attempt to reassure and support our clients by providing them with exceptional professional service. We realize that one of the most important aspects of clients’ cases is the relationship that they have with their attorney, and we work to cultivate a trusting environment. Perhaps even more importantly, we offer our clients both objectivity and compassion during troubling and confusing times. We serve clients in Westport and statewide.

Comprehensive CT Family Law Services

Family law is one of the most complicated areas of Connecticut law. For example, divorce, whether or not it involves the dissolution of a large estate, encompasses many intricate legal issues. Our practice reflects an ability to adeptly handle all overlapping issues in even the most complex family law cases. Our services include:

Dissolution of marriage: From securing temporary orders to asset division and alimony, our lawyers handle all facets of dissolution actions to sever the marital relationship. In addition to divorce, we can help clients with legal separation and annulment.

Child custody: We provide guidance in all child custody and parenting matters, whether as part of a divorce or in tandem with a paternity action. This includes obtaining child custody and visitation orders, as well as enforcing and modifying those orders as appropriate.

Child support: We provide guidance in child support and all matters related to the financial support of children. These issues may be addressed as part of a divorce or outside of a divorce for unwed couples. We also represent clients in child support enforcement and modification cases.

Modification of court orders: Child custody, child support and other family law orders may need to be changed due to substantial changes in circumstances. Under certain circumstances, temporary orders, also known as pendente lite orders, may be modified by the court before a divorce is finalized. In addition, certain types of court orders may be modified post-judgment, after a divorce is finalized, depending upon the nature of the orders and the change in circumstances that may apply. Our attorneys may assist with both prosecuting modification of court orders, or defending attempts to modify court orders, depending upon the individual needs of our clients.

Connecticut Jurisdictional Issues

PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC is sometimes presented with issues that require an analysis concerning whether Connecticut courts have jurisdiction to enter orders. The jurisdictional questions often include questions as to whether the state of Connecticut is an appropriate forum to litigate actions to dissolve marriages and disputes concerning children of parents who reside outside the state. PARRINO|SHATTUCK PC also addresses questions concerning the application of Connecticut’s Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

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Every family law case requires a close examination from a skilled family law professional to determine the most effective approach. To begin the process, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys.

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