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How Effective Are Premarital Agreements In Divorce?

People going through a divorce often assume that challenges to premarital agreements are impossible. However, not all premarital agreements are enforceable. The Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act, passed in 1995, lists a variety of factors that could potentially make the premarital agreement unenforceable in a divorce.

Are Trusts Subject To Property Division?

Trusts are complex fiduciary mechanisms designed to protect and preserve assets. Some people believe that assets held in a trust are protected in a divorce. However, depending on a variety of factors, those assets may still be subject to property division.

Is There An Alimony Formula?

People going through a divorce often want to know whether the court will award alimony and, if so, the amount and duration of the alimony award. Judges are not limited to a strict formula, which makes it challenging to predict the exact amount of an alimony award. Instead, judges are guided by numerous statutory factors.